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Live from Tektronix: The new Real-Time H500/SA2500 Spectrum Master

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The new Tektronix handheld spectrum analyzers, the H500 and the SA2500, which were recently added to Used-Line.com’s T&M Specifications page, are ruggedized instruments with an interface that has been designed for high quality visibility and easy navigation in the field.Tektronix H500/SA2500

But these usability features do not detract from the analyzer’s performance specifications. With a 10 kHz to 6.2 GHz frequency range, a +20 dBm to -160 dBm reference level range, and 100% POI for transients with 125 µs minimum signal durations (H500), these spectrum analyzers pack a punch that can be found in many desktop analyzers.

However, according to Jim McGillivary, general manager of the Tektronix Source Analyzer Product Line, “…what makes these instruments truly revolutionary is our unique real-time DPX™ live RF spectrum display technology. No other instrument or technology offers such a practical, fast and easy way to discover unknown, randomly occurring digital RF events.”

Tektronix H500/SA2500 specifications

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