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Tell Users That Your Equipment is In Stock with the Used-Line In-Stock Icon

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Used-Line dealers can promote their products and bring more potential buyers to their equipment listings with one or more of our special marketing Add-Ons. Each of our three Add-Ons offers a unique function that will enhance your advertising on Used-Line. Let’s take a look at the Used-Line In-Stock Add-On.

In-Stock Icon Add-On

The In-Stock icon highlights ads for items that are currently in your inventory.

How the In-Stock Icon works

The In-Stock Icon highlights ads for equipment that is currently in your inventory and can ship immediately.

Nothing is more frustrating for a buyer than to order equipment, and then to find out that the item is not currently in stock. A dealer who can ship immediately has an edge on those who are unable to provide a short-term delivery date or who cannot guarantee availability of the item in the near future.

But how does a user know which sellers are stocking their requested item right now?

He looks for the Used-Line In-Stock Icon, of course! The Used-Line In-Stock Icon is an Add-On you can purchase from a Used-Line Sales Representative or purchase directly on the Used-Line website.

How to add In-Stock Icons to your listings


All the products that are labelled as in stock on your website, will be shown with the Used-Line In-Stock Icon. If none of your products are labelled as in stock on your website, then all of your product listings will be shown with the In-Stock Icon.

  • If you purchased your listing plan by consulting with a Used-Line representative, you may have chosen to show that some of your items are in stock – but not necessarily all your items.

To tell the Used-Line Spider which of your products are in stock:

  1. Send an Excel Spreadsheet to data@used-line.com. Include all the columns as described on our website, making sure to include a column labelled, in_stock.
  2. Enter a “1” or the words, “in stock” in the column labelled in_stock, next to each item that is currently in your inventory.

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