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The Transparent Future of OLED Development

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The future is now when it comes to the development of applications for the integration of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) into our everyday lives. Bringing us closer to the maturity of OLED development, lighting systems giant, OSRAM, has taken the term that best suits the application potential of this technology—”transparent”—and run with it.

English: Osram factory, Drammen, Norway

Osram factory, Drammen, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Announcing the development of the “Rollercoaster” luminaire in December, 2012, with production slated for 2014, OSRAM has started to overcome some of the issues that have been challenging engineers involved in the development of transparent organic light technologies.
I’m not sure if I would choose to hang the Rollercoaster luminaire in my living-room, but the scope for the design of applications using the technology that has evolved into the creation of this glass structure is tremendous. The glass panels are luminous and can potentially light up a wide area of a hotel lobby. Or, try to visualize a room divider created out of opaque lighting. Or the reflective roof of a car or bus-stop. Then, turn out the lights. The luminaire switches to natural lighting and completely changes your view of the world.
OSRAM discusses how the company is overcoming the challenges in the development of transparent OLEDs in their December, 2012 press release, which can be read on the OSRAM website.

This content of this blog post was originally published in a Used-Line newsletter in February, 2013.

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Wearing the Internet, or, Do I Need an Eye Exam for Google Glass?

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Yes, I know everyone has already written about it. Google Glass is old news (not really, it’s new news -but it’s old in that everyone knows about it already). It’s passé (writing about it, that is). But I just can not pass up on anything that looks so Borglike. So, resistance is futile. You’ll have to read this umpteenth blog on Google Glass.

When the term, “wearing” Google Glass, was first coined, I must admit I expected some sort of shirt made out of opaque glass with your choice of colors. Well, at least, I did get one thing right – the color choices. Right now, you can get Glass in Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton, and Sky. It wouldn’t surprise me if you can find matching colors at the Gap.

Right, so it’s not a shirt. It actually looks like goggles. Strictly speaking, one-eyed goggles. Even more strictly speaking – right-eyed goggles. I don’t believe there is a lefty version yet. I guess they couldn’t call it Google Goggles, because Google Goggles already exists as a mobile application that sends images to do your searching for you. Which I’m guessing (I’m not that sure) Google Glass can do for you, or if not now, will do so in the near future.

I’m not here to review Google Glass. I couldn’t possibly do that without trying it out. Just google Google Glass and you’ll find all the reviews you want. I’m hear to express my fascination with the concept of actually wearing something that you can chat to, ask directions of, send commands to, sent text messages with, photograph with, share stuff through, check stuff with, get information from, search with. Look, Ma, no-hands Internet! I’m sure Ma is thrilled.

l just have one kvetch. Why is everyone calling it Glass? As in, with Glass you can can send videos in real-time. Glass lets you send text messages. Get your flight arrival information from Glass. Why is Glass personified? Glass isn’t my next-door neighbor. Glass isn’t even a Borg. It’s just a piece of equipment.To me, glass is that ubiquitous substance that you make out of sand and it’s only capitalized when it’s the first word in a sentence. Google Glass is not (yet) ubiquitous and I’m sure it will take a while before I can pour my soda into it.

But I look forward to the day when Google Glass will get sold on Used-Line!

And, no, I doubt you need an eye exam to wear Glass. But what do you do with your prescription glasses while wearing Google Glass? Seems it could be a little awkward wearing Glass together with your eyeglasses. Do you need to wear contact lenses? Have laser eye surgery? Well, I shall have to go and google Glass and find out!

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