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The Transparent Future of OLED Development

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The future is now when it comes to the development of applications for the integration of Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) into our everyday lives. Bringing us closer to the maturity of OLED development, lighting systems giant, OSRAM, has taken the term that best suits the application potential of this technology—”transparent”—and run with it.

English: Osram factory, Drammen, Norway

Osram factory, Drammen, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Announcing the development of the “Rollercoaster” luminaire in December, 2012, with production slated for 2014, OSRAM has started to overcome some of the issues that have been challenging engineers involved in the development of transparent organic light technologies.
I’m not sure if I would choose to hang the Rollercoaster luminaire in my living-room, but the scope for the design of applications using the technology that has evolved into the creation of this glass structure is tremendous. The glass panels are luminous and can potentially light up a wide area of a hotel lobby. Or, try to visualize a room divider created out of opaque lighting. Or the reflective roof of a car or bus-stop. Then, turn out the lights. The luminaire switches to natural lighting and completely changes your view of the world.
OSRAM discusses how the company is overcoming the challenges in the development of transparent OLEDs in their December, 2012 press release, which can be read on the OSRAM website.

This content of this blog post was originally published in a Used-Line newsletter in February, 2013.

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