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The Step-By-Step Guide to Buying a Used Machine

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More and more, machinery buyers are using the Internet to source their equipment. A lot of information is available out there in a just a few clicks. But it can sometimes be difficult to find the right machine on the right website. Here are some tips to help you find your next machine, as proposed by Exapro, the Marketplace for Used Machines.

How to start your search

infobox3As a starting point, it is always better to use very precise, specific keywords to narrow your results so that they best match your needs. Simply begin searching for exactly the machine you need. If you need specific options or features, use them in your query as well.

Then, if nothing interesting comes up, start using broader keywords to find websites that are offering the machine you need, then look for the manufacturer or model you want on these websites. Don’t be afraid to try different websites. This will give you the opportunity to comparison-shop. You can compare the price, condition of the machine, etc.

Study all the information about the machines you find, and pick the best one

Once you have found some appropriate websites that are offering the machine you need, make sure that the technical data matches your requirements. Once the selection is made, take a closer look at the actual websites offering the machines. Some criteria are particularly important: reputation, awareness of the market, testimonials/reviews of the website, etc. Keep in mind, that some websites have a different style for listing equipment, and don’t work the same way as others.

It is very important to make sure that you are going to make contact with a serious and established company, as this ensures you quality service and protects you from having unpleasant experiences on the internet. The way the offer is presented is a first good indicator of the reliability of the company. Most often, if the offer is reliable, then the website is reliable as well.

Get in touch with the seller

Once you have picked the best website, you should contact the seller of the machine to check if the offer is serious and still available. You can ask for additional information about the machine, such as pictures or missing technical details, to test the trustworthiness and responsiveness of the owner. The seller should confirm with you regarding all the characteristics of the machine, and if you have any further questions about any details that you can’t find on the website, just ask him.

When you have checked all the details of the machine, you can request to arrange a visit if you are in the area, in order to view the condition of the machine yourself. This point can be crucial because it is really important to have a real look at the equipment in order to check if all details are the same as the ones advertised on the website.

When going abroad, make sure that you can speak at least one common language with the owner of the machine when you visit. It is definitely easier to communicate and to have a better understanding of the purchase conditions.

Finally, close the deal

When everything is clear, be sure that you and the owner agree on the sales conditions. Do not forget to check the logistics details. Questions such as who is going to load the machine onto my truck, when can I send my truck to your facility, etc., are often left to the last, but they should be cleared before confirming any sale.

Once confirmed, congratulations, you have just purchased your machine!

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